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Mokume Gane Rods/Bars

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Mokume Gane rods descriptions

Mokume rods we provide are made from 3 kinds of materials:copper, brass and cupronickel. Forged together after twisted and lathe,the final work come out.

Mokume gane rods.jpg

Mokume gane rods.jpg


We could supply basic twisted pattern with thiner or thicker layers,Straight lines patterns,Waves patterns,Mosaic patterns,Basket patterns and Cross patterns.(New patterns arrival,we are focus on processing more awesome patterns)

Patterns of Mokume Rods.jpg

More details about Mokume Gane

What's Mokume Gane?

Mokume gane (mow-koo-may gone-ay) is a laminated metal, made out of non-ferrous (no iron) metal. It is laminated together through the process of high heat and high pressure, where the layers are fused together. The rods&bars and plate billets are processed by twisting,straightening,cutting,polishing and other processes. With carefully controlled conditions the combination of heat, pressure, and protective atmosphere allow the layers fuse but not melt. Then it finally shows brilliant beautiful colors and beautiful patterns.

 Mokume Gane rods Applications:

  • EDC Products
  • Rings
  • Pendant
  • Kinfe handles
  • Worrycoins
  • Spinning worrycoins
  • Etc whatever you want

Purchase Processing&Precautions

  • Ordering:Contact us along with the specifications(diameter,length,patterns,layers and quantity or just show us the pics)
  • Goods in stock:Ship within 3 days,usually it takes 1~2 days for cutting or lathing and surface treatment
  • Customized:7-10 days days for arraying the patterns and forging.(If the rods' pattern or layers in stock do not meet your needs,we could make as what you need!)
  • Delivery:Via DHL/FedEx/USP/EMS/SF(DHL first).
  • After-sale service:If the rods oxidant inside or obvious crack on the surface,we could refund or resend the same rods.

Other services:

  1. Customized Pattern - If you have great ideas concerning the patterns or show us the pics,we could try our best to make the pattern you need
  2. Customized parts - If you need lathing,cutting,drilling,milling or CNC services,just send us the specifications or drawings
  3. Polish services
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