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What's superconductor?

       Superconductor machined from a diameter solid Superconductor bar. A superconductor (Niobiumtiny rods or wires in Copper) is a very rare, hard to get and expensive metal that canconduct electricity or transport electrons from one atom to another with noresistance. Superconductors are used to make extremely powerful electromagnetsto accelerate charged particles very fast (to near the speed of light). This isa special metal, a great collector's item.

Materials : copper, niobium, titanium, ti, cu,nb, superconductor, supraleiter, superdirigent, supradirigent 

Band color: Copper  

superconductor rods

superconductor rods.jpg


Superconductor patterns.jpg

Superconductor advantages

  • A newsuper material !  Super rare, super difficult to work with and super expensive.
  • The black regions are usually an alloy oftitanium and niobium. The surrounding region (the red color) is copper.
  • EVERY DAY CARRY:carry with you anywhere.
  • COLLECTIBLE:can be passed down from generations to generations.


If you would like to prevent the development of the greenish oxidation or patina on your copper items, you can coat your items with mineral oil. This treatment creates a barrier between the copper and the air, so it won't corrode. 

It's the case that the copper from the superconductor can react with your skin, if that's no problem for you, you can go for it as shown on the pictures.Otherwise I need to make an inner layer to prevent your skin from reacting :-) A deep etch can prevent the copper to react with your skin.

Superconductor Applications:

  • EDC Products


  • SIZE  Φ13~Φ74MM  Length≤300MM  
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