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Zircuti rods (black titanium damascus rods)

Zircuti rods (black titanium damascus rods)

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    Zircuti(Black Ti damascus)
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Zircuti rods(Black timascus rods) descriptions

Zircuti rods are made from 2 or 3 kinds of titanium and zirconium,pure titanium, titanium alloys and zirconium 702. Forged together after twisted and lathe,the final work come out.

Zircuti rods nearly same as timascus material,zircuti material have one more color than timascus material.It's black(or gray color,concerning the tempurature)

Zircuti rods photos

zircuti rods.jpg

Black timascus(Zircuti) rods.jpg

5 alloys zircuti.jpgzircuti rod.jpg

Mokuti rods

Titanium damascus rod.jpg


  • Diameter: Φ10mm~Φ80mm(0.4"~3.2")
  • Length: within 600mm (≤24")


We could supply basic twisted pattern with thiner or thicker layers,Straight lines patterns,Waves patterns,Mosaic patterns,Basket patterns and Cross patterns.(New patterns arrival,We are focus on processing more awesome patterns)

This picture just shows what kinds of patterns we could supply,All the layers or patterns could customized.

timascus and black timascus rods layers.jpg

 The zircuti rods side patterns(twisted)

timascus rods side patterns.jpg


There are two ways for coloring these materials

  • Anodic oxidation
  • High temp heated

Different voltage or tempurature makes different colors, heating the material,usually when the red color appear just stop heating, the best colors finally light or dark blue,red or purple,golden(orange) and black(gray).

black timascus rod.jpg

This photo shows the different tempurature heated different colors(These four pieces come from same zircuti rod,but shows different colors)


zircuti rod pieces.jpg

(No polished rods colors)

timascus rod.jpg

(Polished well colors)

titanium damascus timascus rod.jpg

More details about titanium Zircuti(Black timascus)

What's Zircuti?

Titanium damascus(timascus) also know as Mokuti or TiMoku.Zircuti nearlly same as timascus,it's made from not only titanium or titanium alloys,but also zirconium 702.That's why the gray or black color shows

Zircuti advantages

  • DURABILITY: Timascus made from titanium and it's alloys,same advantages as titanium,hard to bending, cracking, rust, heat and corrosion resistance,sweat resistance
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Zircuti is extremely light weight.Density 4.6~5g/cm3 the density different because of the zirconium 702 ratio,Pure zirconium density about 6.5g/cm3.
  • SAFE: Zircuti is perfectly safe for you to wear, same as titanium or zirconium edc.
  • Non-magnetic

Zircuti rods Applications(It's same as timascus rods)

  • EDC Products
  • Jewellery
  • Pendant
  • Prybars
  • Fingertip spinner
  • Bottle opener
  • Bolts and various other fasteners(Usually for decorate,No industrial uses)
  • Spinning tops
  • Worrycoins
  • Spinning worrycoins
  • Etc whatever you want

Purchase Processing&Precautions

  • Ordering:Contact us along with the specifications(material,diameter,length,patterns,layers and quantity or just show us the pics)
  • Goods in stock:Ship within 3 days,usually we need 1~2days for cutting or lathing and surface treatment
  • Customized:7 days for arraying the patterns and forging.(If the rods' pattern or layers in stock do not meet your needs,we could make as what you need!)
  • Delivery:Via DHL/FedEx/USP/EMS/SF(DHL first).
  • After-sale service:If the rods oxidant inside or obvious crack on the surface,we could refund or resend the same rods.

Other services:

  1. Customized Pattern - If you have great ideas concerning the patterns or show us the pics,we could try our best to make the pattern you need
  2. Customized parts - If you need lathing,cutting,drilling,milling or CNC services,just send us the specifications or drawings
  3. Polish service
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